Not Entirely Convincing Use of Very Low-Tech Blood Squib

About 30 seconds into this clip, Ali Kerim Bey (Pedro Armendáriz) gets shot in the arm and appears to rub fake blood on his sleeve where he’s supposed to’ve been shot.

In his 2000 book Fade to Black: A Book of Movie Obituaries, author Paul Donnelley writes that Armendáriz was diagnosed with lymph cancer at the start of 1963. The filmmakers then rushed to complete his scenes. In June 1963, aged 51, Armendáriz was admitted to Los Angeles’ UCLA Medical Center with neck cancer. According to Donnelley, “On the 18th, he shot himself through the heart with a gun he had brought with him to the hospital.” From Russia… was released in October of the same year.

In his book Duke: The Life and Image of John Wayne, Ronald L. Davis writes that Armendáriz and 39 actors and crew for the movie The Conqueror — which was shot near an atomic testing site in Nevada — eventually died from cancer. (Though, this number appears to fluctuate depending on the source and Armendáriz didn’t technically die from cancer. Also, many cast and crew members were, allegedly, heavy smokers.)

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