Flash Binge


Some thoughts on my recent The Flash binge (with major spoiler at end):

  • Proof that I’m 13: The premise of a fast-running “metahuman” defeating various villains by running really, really fast should have gotten old really, really fast, but somehow didn’t. For example, “Oh! A giant wave is heading toward Central City and will (apparently) destroy it.” Flash: “I clearly have to run back and forth really, really fast to stop this from happening.” Or, “Oh! There’s been a rupture in spacetime and this is creating a singularity. What will we do?” Flash: “I will run really, really fast inside the singularity.”
  • The Flash doesn’t get his proper moniker until, I think, more than halfway through the series. Prior to that, he’s “The Streak.” I take it he doesn’t like this name because it calls to mind either soiled underwear or exhibitionism. I guess he prefers “The Flash” because it calls to mind only the latter?
  • Thinking back over the season, most of the episodes don’t seem to me to pass the Bechdel Test (i.e. there must be two women who talk to each other about something other than a man). There are two main female characters and they talk to each other very infrequently.
  • I could be off on this, but it seems that about 80% of episodes include either a scene where The Flash talks to his wrongfully imprisoned father while both men weep because of how they adore each other or a scene where The Flash talks to his adoptive father while both men weep because of how they also adore each other. Of course, I teared up every time as I’m a sucker for actors crying at each other.
  • There is a character (apparently Peek-a-Boo in the comics) who can teleport to places as long as she can see the destination. At one point, she teleports into a windowless armored vehicle and then back into a moving car. How does she know the car is still there? How did she know she wouldn’t be teleporting into someone inside the armored vehicle? Sure, it’s a comic book show, but why bother telling us the rules if you’re going to break them so brazenly?
  • There is a criminal mastermind called … Cold. His superpower is … a gun … that freezes stuff … that he didn’t even make himself! Not sure how I managed to keep watching after this guy showed up. Incidentally, it’s pretty damned easy to be a criminal mastermind when your greatest foe, The Flash, just shows up and hopes that running fast will be sufficient to beat you. Excluding “run fast,” I can only think of one instance in the entire season where there was a Plan A and zero instances where there was a Plan B.
  • I didn’t know throughout the whole season that the actor who plays The Flash’s real dad (John Wesley Shipp) was the Flash from the live-action show that ran from 1990 to 1991. I remember liking that show. Especially a scene where he eats an enormous bowl of corn flakes very quickly. And, oh my goodness, it’s on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M0LjlMHK1DQ.
  • I was surprised to find that The Flash permanently dies in just the sixth episode! It’s strange to watch the remaining 17 episodes without the titular character. Bold move. The remaining episodes contain no characters with superpowers and, bizarrely, simply retell the Scopes Monkey Trial story in its entirety.

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